Students Job Application Problems

Meet Sapna, a newly married lady with a B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi who lives near to Jagatpura coaching area in Jaipur, Rajasthan. To start family life, recently, she wish to apply for a Janaadhaar (A necessary document of the Rajasthan Government), therefore she went to E-Mitra (Common Service Center), and got Janaadhar in just 15 minutes, which is what you expect, BUT NO it took 15 days and endless visits.  she made a lot of visits on E-Mitra Shop for her application but every time there was a new issue, sometimes she got a crowd of students who wish to fill the form for MA or sometimes server down or sometime E-Mitra was not available and so on. And She also got the news that her maternal uncle’s daughter from the village could not fill out her MA  form because her brother forgot to fill her form and she was unable to go 7 km away E-Mitra Shop. 

Do you think in this digital world people need to put so much effort to fill out a form?

It takes 20-30 minutes to fill out an application form and there are at least 15-20 minutes of waiting time hence total time to get work done through E-Mitra is around 45 minutes. However, we know in this digital world no one has a single minute to waste in this way even if you are getting groceries in 10 minutes at your doorstep, so why can we bring E-Mitra to your fingertip? Imagine if you can fill out your form in one minute, sounds fantastic right? This can save the time & effort of 75% population of Rajasthan which depends on Emitra, and at the same time, it can generate huge employment for Youth who are technology savvy. Even after the existence of technology like blockchain, which keeps documents more secure than DigiLocker, if you have to go around e-Mitra, then Digital India has no meaning.

STUDYEM APP  is on its way to solving this problem; this community app helps people to get E-Mitra services in their online communities. Students can directly join the E-Mitra shop’s channel or else he/she can reach through his/her library, coaching, or Youtuber channel. These learning community groups act as E-Mitra aggregators for their members. Just like Ola/Uber booking, you can book your E-Mitra for your government forms from Studyem channels and it’s completely safe as only verified E-Mitra will be allowed to do so.

So we urge all people to join the E-Mitra channel on the Studyem app so that E-Mitra services can be provided at your doorstep and valuable time can be saved for some other necessary work. This will also generate more employment opportunities for Youth as they can start their online earning as E-Mitra.