Should we use Telegram for Knowledge Sharing and Education in 2022?

There was a time when people used to say, “ab sab online milega” but now it became more specific “ab sab chat mei milega”, for example, WhatsApp for payments, Hirect for jobs, Slack for professional teams, and so on, but one thing is still missing “Gamified Education in Chat”. Although people have invented a Jugaad i.e., Telegram to build a learning community, After conducting a survey among Telegram’s influencers and educators we found that they are facing several issues related to content management, monetization, and most importantly engagement. Please note that here education is not limited to schooling, coaching preparation, etc. it can be anything like finance, cooking, sports, etc.

What are the features that Telegram lacks? 

  1. Fragmented learning environment and time loss: At present people are gaining knowledge in a fragmented way, it’s not their choice but rather compulsion because there is an absence of a community platform where they can find all influencers and learn from them in an engaging way. Throughout the day they are jumping from one platform to another to gain knowledge from their favorite influencer or educator. This is drawn down to distraction, frustration, poor learning or productivity, and loss of precious time. People are using Telegram or WhatsApp as their learning community platform which is nothing but a Jugaad which works but with poor efficiency. 
  2. Absence of Peer-to-Peer learning: At present learners or students lack a productive network for their studies. They use WhatsApp or Telegram for networking with their peer but it is hard to avoid social adulteration in their productive environment, which means they cannot escape from Uncle Aunty, Cousin’s activities on the same platform. Telegram lacks features, except chat, to increase productive networking between people. Hence, there is an urgent need for a productive networking platform only for learners and their influencers. 
  3. Need for content management, monetization, and gamification: We are all dependent on each other in a direct or indirect way. We need a content creator-friendly community platform where influencers or educators can create and share their content seamlessly and sustain their community by monetizing the content and community. Now let us think further, only community and good content are not sufficient to build a thriving community, we need to have a gaming element or gamification to engage community members on the shared content. 
  4. Need a CIBIL score for students: Like the banking system, we should have a single score to tell everything about a learner, but for that, we need to bring stockholders on this gamified community platform so that learning can be tracked in a unified way. 
  5. To Build Edu-Fantasy Industry to Support Education:  By connecting the Fantasy game to the community platform, we can channelize money, fame, and motivation toward the learning community. Through this novel and noble fantasy, game people can fill the fiscal gap in education. The excellent learners can become celebrities for millions of fantasy users by performing for them in Knowledge matches. This fame and earning will continuously motivate learners for their intrinsic life goals. 

Why Studyem is the best alternative to the Telegram?

STUDYEM: It is a gamified monetizable learning community platform for educators, influencers, and learners. 

  • Integrated Learning Environment: Studyem connects Influencer or educator, his/her knowledge bank with followers. 
  • Noval Edu-Gaming with Peer: Studyem is developing several gaming elements such as gamified polls, knowledge matches, etc for followers so that they consume influencer content in a gamified way. 
  • Gamified Learning Community Platform: To improve the engagement by more than double with followers, the Studyem has developed a gamified environment with educators or influencers’ channel/group 
  • Better Profile Better Future:  Studyem brings all your learning data to one place and gives a single score for your learning life. You can learn from any educator or influencer in their community channel, we will bring all learning data in your profile to analyze learning holistically. 
  • Edufantasy Game: When the community matures, the follower will have built their profile with sufficient data. To solve the influencer and their followers ‘ problems of motivation, fame, and monetization Studyem will launch a fantasy game. 

So let us build STUDYEM for each influencer or educator so that they can engage with their followers or learners in most gamified and interesting way using their content.  It will bring unprecedent changes in learning environment of the country through its innovative elements. Engagement will be maximized without any cost.

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