The Joker would have told you that “if you are good at something never do it for free”. If you have valuable content in the form of notes, pdf, images, and polls then Studyem App will help you in their monetization and sharing with people. Follow these steps:

Chat Section

Enter into the chat section and click on the attachment icon and subsequently choose any media options(notes, images, pdf, and poll) that you want to share.

Click on PDF Icon (Paid PDF Example)

Here we are giving an example of the paid pdf file, the process is the same for all other media options such as notes, images, polls, etc.

Give Heading

Attach the pdf file and subsequently add a heading to catch the attention of the message receiver.

Give Description

To share more details about the paid pdf.

Set Price

Click on the check box “Paid” and enter the price of the pdf.

Send Message

Click on the “Send” icon to share it on your channel or messages.

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