If you have this question “how to create a studyem channel ?” then this post will help you out.

Find Create Channel Button

Click on the bottom right corner button or top right three dots to reach create channel button.

Create Channel

Click on the Create Channel button and fill in the required details as per your needs.

Name Your Channel

Name your channel and describe your channel for your channel members. It gives a basic idea of your channel.

Give Status of Public/Private Channel

Choose ‘Public’ if you want to available your channel in-app search otherwise choose “Private”. The private channel can only be joined through an invite link.

Give Status of Paid/Free Channel

Choose “Free” if you want members to join your channel for free. The “Paid” channel can only be joined only after the purchase of your channel subscription plan.

Congrats You Have Successfully Created Your Channel

Click on the right icon as the final step in the Studyem channel creation process.

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