About Us

About Us

The ultimate community app that helps you in building the monetized, productive, and most engaging learning community. Studyem is also a creator-centric aggregator platform. The creators can connect their followers with authentic business through secure deals so that they can serve each other with the creator's trust. Let's accelerate the creator economy.


We are on the mission to solve the financial problems of the informative creators through maximum monetization, engagement and better management.


Informative creators will control future economy and society through their self reliant happy communities.


We have started work on monetization by democratizing the aggregator business model.

We are a team of IITians and other talented people who see the direct need of creator economy to solve the several socio-economic issues such as quality education, unemployment, inequality etc. We are working on this mission for the last two years and launched beta version of Studyem . We are supported by IIMUIC, Wadhwani Foundation. Startup Oasis, Istart Rajasthan, and 100x.vc

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