Often it happens that students make up their minds to study well, they make a proper schedule and organize their study material and desk but somehow, they end up not studying. There are many reasons for them not to follow the schedule and sit to study although solely students are not to be blamed for this but the situations, people around, urge for social connection and break their intend to study. Here, we are discussing the various reasons that prone students indulge in other activities and break their tough decision to study. Few are the following reasons that divert students from studying.

IRRELEVANT SYLLABUSDisinterest in schoolwork exists within all levels of the school system. It usually begins in small degrees at the elementary level, is manifested in middle school, and becomes progressively worse in high school. It is, therefore, no surprise to hear their complain of constant boredom they felt that the material presented to them was either uninteresting, irrelevant, or unchallenging. 

PASSIVE TEACHING AND NO REWARDSThere are a group of students who identified poor teaching strategies and no rewards or points allocation as the cause of the boredom. They commented: “Unfortunately, much classroom teaching reinforces the student’s perception, especially when teachers lecture, and students passively listen”

NO STUDY PEER“No road is long with good company.” – Turkish proverb, A study partner relationship is inevitable for better learning with happiness, but due to the lack of finding a compatible study partner students miss out the excitement, brainstorming ideas, clarifications, discussions, setting proper goals, and the most important motivation.

NO SHORT-TERM MOTIVATIONAnother most common reason for not studying is that they suffer demotivation which leads to laziness and due to this they cannot concentrate and lose interest in studies. They tend to sleep or nap while studying and this wastes their study time.

STRESSExisting outdated evaluation system in exams and performance-based award system is creating unnecessary stress in student minds. It affects their mental health, and they are constantly under tension and because of these factors they are not able to concentrate on their studies.

OTHER DISTRACTIONSSocial media, addictive mobile games and OTT etc.  become a barrier to studies because students spend more than the required time in these activities, and hence, their studies suffer.

Unfortunately, a quick search for productivity tips for students” doesn’t bring up much of answers. To help you out, we’ve collected the best advice on how to increase your productivity & learning, release stress, beat demotivation, come out from boredom. The high-level tips from parents & teacher and quotes from big personalities only go with you for few hours or maximum a day or max to max one week. To solve these above-mentioned problems, several research paper have suggested gamification in education and peer to peer learning. By considering those suggestions as criteria’s we have brought following list of platforms for students to really improve learning or productivity with happiness. 

STUDYEM: It is best platform for teenager and adult learners and their educators or influencers.  It is gamified monetizable community platform for learners, educators, and influencers.

Here are 10 points to solve above mentioned problems. 

  1. Here you can create or join network of key people for peer-to-peer learning. 
  2. It is world class platform to gain knowledge with fun with your study peer. It’s Edu-gaming features will push extra mile to learners and bring necessary engagement between educators and learners. 
  3. Here Educators can easily monetize and manage their prime content & community to help learners without any complexity & economic issues. 
  4. Students can manage your notes, tests, lectures everything at one place. 
  5. Students can bring all sources of learning such as coaching, school, library, and friends etc at same place, no need to download several apps.
  6. In, future students can plan their studies and will be able to manage through task dashboard. 
  7. Both educators and parents get real benefit of this unified platform when they get student learning data from all learning sources at one place (student profile), It’s just like CIBIL score for students.
  8. The Studyem says “Better profile Better Future” because they are working to harness this profile data to provide all kind of support (financial, mentorship etc) to students. 
  9. Basically, the students need become Edu-Player with help of their educators and influencers on this platform to solve all major issues they are facing right now. 
  10. The Studyem will be connected to fantasy game to create symbiotic relationship between learning community and fantasy users. This will channelise money, fame, and motivation toward students. 

If the educator or influencer is not available on platform, then learners can invite them to setup their community platform and vice a versa. 

Creative Galileo: It is an edtech start up in the early learning space. If you are primary student i.e. studying below 5th standard then it is a best platform to start with. 

STUDYEM and Creative Galieo is bringing new era of learning through gaming to help students and educators to solve their serious problems. 

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